Why have I never heard of this type of management before?

We are a unique property management company. The service we provide is fairly new in the industry, however, with guidance from industry experts we believe we can deliver great benefits to landlords.

What type of properties do you manage and how many beds?

We manage houses, apartments, and flats with a minimum of 2 bedrooms each.

Is there a catch?

No, what we say is what we do. We make our profit through the rent we charge our tenants, subtracting your guaranteed rent, leaving us with the margin.


Who deals with maintenance?

We will manage all maintenance.

Who pays for repairs?

We will pay for repairs up to £50. If the repair costs are beyond £50, the cost will be your responsibility. We can still manage the repairs, preventing your involvement, and provide you with the invoice once the repairs are undertaken.

What responsibilities will I have?

Literally none!

How can you guarantee I will receive rent every month?

Our business model and thorough research on the property helps us evaluate that we can guarantee your rent every month, therefore, following the initial inspection we will be able to let you know.

How long is the rental term?

Between two and five years, if you enjoy working with us, we can manage your property for longer!

Can I withdraw anytime?

Our standard terms do not provide any break clauses in the contract, however, if you would like a break clause included, we could add a 6-month break clause – it might come with a penalty depending on the works we undertake. If you undertake the works yourself, then there will be no penalty; however, we may need 6-months-notice to be able to remove tenants under the AST agreement we have with them.

Do I need to visit the property with you during the rental period?

Of course not, this is the whole aim of providing you a hassle-free service.

What if someone damages my property?

We undertake inventory checks at the beginning of the lease. To ensure the internal components are not damaged, we undertake quarterly home inspections to monitor this. If there is damage, the tenant will be responsible for paying towards the cost of the damage. Weekly reports will also be sent to us via the cleaner.

What if my property is in poor condition?

Don’t worry, we can manage that for you. We have a list of specialist contractors able to undertake the works required.

Will the property need to be furnished?

As we aim deliver quality homes, we will check upon inspection of your property the furniture you currently have and if it can be used for our tenants. If not, we will ensure that the correct furniture is in place.

I have multiple properties; will you be able to manage all of them?

Absolutely! We are seeking to expand our portfolio and have a team ready to take on more properties. We also want to build new relationships, so if you refer landlords to us, we will reward you with a £150 referral bonus.

What happens if there are void rental payments by the tenants?

You will still receive your guaranteed rent as stated in the contract.

Will you take the furniture at the end of the lease?

If we fully furnish your house and do not pay a deposit, then no, we will not take the furniture.

What if something happens and you cannot pay the rent?

Our business model is designed to ensure your rent is paid on time every month during the contract. If we ever were to default on our rental payment to you, we would apply interest to the defaulted rental amount and pay it to you as soon as possible.