Estate Agents


We understand that your workload can be overwhelming – let us ease your load while still receiving your required fees

How this works for you?

Sourcing properties

You give us a property and agree to a fixed rent that we pay you every month so you can pay the landlord

The tenants

We become your tenant and you still receive your initial tenant find fee. Our team will find tenants and fill rooms with working professionals – and yes, if you work with us, that means you will not suffer the loss of tenant find fees anymore

The management procedure

We fully manage the property. Your management fees are paid every month through the rental amount we pay you for the duration of the lease term. Do nothing, and still get paid!

The Revamp

We will work with you to decorate and furnish the property to meet our quality accommodation standards

The end of the lease

We return the property in the same standard, if not better. This way, the landlord is happy, you are happy, and so are we

NOTE: We require the properties to be suitable for HMO. Please see GOV.UK guidance for requirements on HMO